The Fault in Our Stars (2014) Poster

Oh my, almost a month ago the movie many of us have been waiting for for a long time hit theaters. You know the movie– The Fault in Our Stars. I had the pleasure of going the Saturday of the weekend opening. Now, I am a big fan of the book by John Green. I haven’t read it more than once, but seeing the movie makes me think twice (they cut my favorite line towards the end of the book out! I need to reread it now!).  There was something about this movie, this story that makes it not just another teen story or movie. There are so many parts worth watching to watch. Moments worth remembering.

Now, as I gush, let’s move on to the acting. I am not a fan of Shailene Woodley at all. I immensely disliked her in The Spectacular Now and her awful, AWFUL, ABC Family TV show that has a title that is far too long to remember correctly. But, she has become the It-girl. Now, I love Hazel Grace. She is perhaps in my top 10 favorite teenaged girls in fiction ever. So, I was not happy about the casting. Not at all. I almost didn’t see the movie because of it. Boy, was I wrong. Woodley was a breath of fresh air. She brought something new to the character. At times, although I love you Hazel and you struggled hardcore, Hazel was a little (just a little!) whiny. Shailene was none of that. For that I was grateful. I’ve seen Shailene whiny. It’s not cute. She gave life to Hazel in a way I think only she could. I can’t see Chloe Grace Moretz doing that. Even a more mature Elle Fanning. Or, some other young actress I like. I draw a blank because THERE IS NO ONE. She was that good.

Next, there is Ansel (Augustus) Elgort. Again, I wasn’t too big of a fan on his casting. I was proven wrong, again. Good thing I’m not a casting agent, right? The chemistry these two had! Elgort was great as Gus. There was a scene towards the end where I cried and his acting (and Green’s writing) made me. Mostly, his acting. It was so raw. I felt his pain.

Let’s just say, if the book made you cry, seeing it in person is attending a big cry fest. The tears!! I stayed pretty stoic for a while. I didn’t want to cry. I wanted to prove myself wrong. Nope, I lost it. Once I started to tear, the fest began. The person I went with never read the book and was crying more than I was! Each actor made you feel everything. It was a great adaptation. I have very little complaints except the quote about the title of the book was taken out; and, it’s my favorite quote.

I want to see it again. And own it. Watch it again. And again.

Okay? Okay.

Happy reading! Thanks for stopping by!