Did You See It? BEA Releases Sneak Peek of Authors

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It’s here! It’s here! Okay, I should calm down. It’s only a preview.  Still, there are some good authors coming to BEA this year. I can’t wait. This may be this last year I’m going to BEA, so I’m really pumped. Unfortunately, it’s being cut short due to a family trip I need to take that takes place during the conference. Ugh. Anyway. The list! You can find the full list here. Let’s take a little look at the highlights, shall we?

Alexandra Bracken

Susane Colasanti

Jesse Eisenberg (Eck!!!)

Amy Ewing

Ellen Hopkins

A.S. King

Nathan Lane

Marissa Meyer

Patrick Ness

Lauren Oliver

Leila Sales

Maggie Stiefvater

Scott Westerfeld

And tons I don’t know. It will be a good year. Who are you excited for?

How Book Con Almost Ruined My Day…BEA Recap Day Three


My experience at BEA had so far been a giant success. I had met great people, discovered new titles I was excited about, and had less business cards. Now, it was time to go (slightly) back to my roots with Book Con day. Christine and I were coming in with a non-blogger friend who was very excited. I had expected Book Con to be similar to what Power Readers were, or the experience.  My was I wrong. Let’s talk about the line first. Since our friend had book con only access (I had no idea it was going to be separated!) we had to wait on this huge, and I mean huge, line that sent us outside by the parking lot deep in the middle of sketchy. It was not a good start.

Once the doors were opened, the crowds! Now BEA wasn’t crowd-free, but it was NOTHING like this. This was suffocating. It was utterly ridiculous. Now, time for Strike 2. Where was Penguin. The main Harpercollins? Sourcebooks? Yeah, on the BEA side. It was ridiculous and disappointing. How can some of the main publishers say no thanks? Harpercollins had a small booth, but all of their galley drops I wanted to go to was at the BEA side where I had to choose between books I really wanted and staying with my friend. I chose the books as she joined me later, btw. I got Falling into Place, Tape, and a couple others. But Tape was what I really wanted. I got to be first on line and met my new friend Jordan again.

I was not happy about Book Con at all. Not happy about how it was being run. How the crowds were. Everything was just too much. There were hardly any books to get. It seemed like a wasted day, to be honest. I got some good books signed (Yay!) but was it truly worth it, I’m thinking no. I don’t think I will go on Saturday again.

Now for the fun part. The final haul.

photo (20)

Now, there’s 70 books there. 70! That’s not even all the books I got. I forgot to add my YA giveaway in there, plus the other 15-20 books I have already given away. I have got, in total, probably over 100+ books from this year’s conference. Holy. Even I’m impressed with myself. Shall I go smaller next year? I don’t know. It’s nice that I don’t necessarily need to spend money on more books while I’m starting my own crafting business right now. Lots to read. Lots of good stuff to read.

photo (21)

Here’s a closer look at each pile.  See a title you have? Like? Want to read?

photo (22)

Look, it’s Tape! I’m excited for that one. And others like The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street and An Italian Wife. Oh the books!

photo 2

More books!!!!

There you have it! My last day and the big haul. Hope you enjoyed reading about my BEA adventures. I had so much fun for my first time. I can’t wait to do it again next year. It was so nice meeting some of you. I hope to meet many more of you, too. Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!

Next posts coming up for this coming week:

 Book Review- The Museum of Intangible Things by Wendy Wunder

 Film Review: The Invisible Woman (book to movie adaptation) 

 Meme: TBR Thursday

 Book Review: The Collector of Dying Breaths: A Novel of Suspense (Reincarnationists #6)  by M.J. Rose

You Mean There’s More…BEA Recap Day Two


My first day at BEA was exciting. I got over 30-40 books, met some great people, and had a lot of fun. If I thought nothing could top that, I was wrong. Although I got more picky with less books on day two, I had more fun. This day I had my book partner in crime, fellow book blogger Christine at Readerly Musings along for the ride. This was her first time, too, so it was nice seeing how excited and in awe she was. It’s just an incredible feeling riding up the escalator for the first time and seeing everything.

Our first stop was to HarperCollins booth to get a copy of The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. They were also doing a galley drop of Rooms by Lauren Oliver but that had already sold out by the time we got there 30 minutes in. Look at the pretty cover.


After that, with a little bit of walking we found ourselves back on another line, this time for ice cream and a chance to meet Susan Jane Gilman, author of The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street. The ice cream was so yummy and Susan Jane Gilman was so sweet. I really liked her and can’t wait to read her book. After that, it was more rushing around for galley drops. Until I met the man of my dreams.

photo (18)

Look at that man! I love Andy Cohen. I used to be obsessed with his late night show. Now, I go to bed too early to watch it. BUt, man do I love him. Christine and I were ust walking when someone asked if we wanted to meet him. I jumped. Literally did a happy dance. I was that excited!

photo (19)

Look how handsome and smiley he is! I may not be his type, and he may be a little too old for me, but still! I love him. I really do. Highlight of my day. Maybe even of the whole conference and he just signed a black, blank journal a cartoon him on it.

 I tried to calm down for the rest of the day. I had more books to get! I decided to wait on the line for E. Lockhart not knowing it would be over an hour long. I haven’t even read her book! I don’t wait in line for that long ever! She was so nice though when I finally got to meet her, with only ten minutes left before the signing ended. That’s how far back I was. The book is so pretty though.  I’ll read that soon, too.

After that frenzy of a line, I just made it in time to meet Amy Zhang for her incredible book Falling into Place which I read the next day. I like the cover.


It’s a tough, sensitive read. I’m not going to lie. It’s all about how this girl tries to kill herself and if she makes it or not. It’s highly emotionally. The writing, though, is incredible. It’s written non-linearly which makes it that much more powerful. There are mini snap-shots too from the characters childhood with her imaginary friend. And, the best part, is the narration. You don’t know who it is until the end. And, it’s a shocker. A full review will be done closer to its release.  The author is really nice, too.

I went to another signing for Swoon Reads first book, A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall. Look at this cover. I want a poster of it.


Isn’t it pretty? So pretty. My ARC is a little (something) different so I may buy a copy when it comes out. It sounds really good, too.  By the end of the day, with multiple signed and unsigned books, we decided to head out. But, our night wasn’t over yet. We were headed to The Bloggers Picnic  in Central Park.

There’s all of us. I had a lot of fun meeting new bloggers, exchanging business cards, and hearing BEA stories. It was nice talking to everyone. Then there was the cake. The cake! The awesome, delicious, delicious, cake!

There’s all the hosts with the Cake from Carlos’s Bakery. So good. So tasty. So pretty.

Overall, I think this was my favorite day. I met Andy Cohen. My friend was with me. I met awesome new bloggers. Had delicious cake. Got great books from great authors. And met Andy Cohen. Then Book Con happened. Oh Book Con. I’ll save that horror show for tomorrow.

Happy reading an thanks for stopping by!

Stay tuned for my final BEA Recap post.

I Hardly Slept…BEA Day One Recap


Bloggers Convention was exciting. It was nice to meet new and familiar bloggers, but BEA itself was going to be on a whole other scale. I get to be face to face with publishers, publicity people, and new books. Books I can just grab! For free! Kind of, of course. It was exciting. There were going to be no power readers. All people in the industry only. How exciting. I hardly slept that night.

When I finally got to BEA after a brief stint at work, I was in awe. All the booths. All the people. ALL. THE. BOOKS. Oh. My. My hands were itching to grab and grab they did. The first booth I stopped at was an unknown for me–Biblioasis. I grabbed a few books from there, mostly short stories collections. My favorite, can’t wait to read book is Paradise and Elsewhere by Kathy Page. Just look at that pretty cover! It grabbed me immediately.


My next stop was at Cinco Pinto then it was on to one of my favorites, Coach House Press. This year I picked up two exciting titles. Cosmo by Spencer Gordon which is a pop culture short stories collection that sounds fun; and The Stonehenge Letters by Harry Karlinsky which is a historical fiction novel about why Freud never won the Nobel Peace Prize that sounds really good. In it are letters written on behalf of Freud by Marie Curie and Rudyard Kipling.

My day started to get better as I gathered more books and discovered a certain galley drop for my top choice, Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer.  Again, that cover. It pulls me right in. It’s supposed to be a kind of take on The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, which is one of my favorite novels. I was so excited. Perfect timing. I also picked up I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson that everyone is raving about. And, of course, met an awesome woman from California who is moving here in August. I can’t wait!


After my first galley drop, things started to move fast. I got so many books. I attended a couple more drops, acquiring another top pick, How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran. Just look at this cover.


If the cover isn’t alluring enough, the title should be. I was very excited to grab this one and Alan Cumming’s latest Not My Father’s Son.

I also stopped at another one of my favorite publishing houses, Tin House where I grabbed this beauty.


If you are a fan of Aimee Bender or even Amy Hempel, this short stories collection is for you. I am super excited about this one. I love picking up books I didn’t see in the database. Instead the publishers recommend the books to me. It’s so much better that way, I think. Yes, it’s fun to have an idea of what you want. Your top 10, or top 25 that I had. But these little gems and surprises make it for me.

And now for the final reveal. My first haul.

photo (17)

Happy reading and thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned for day two!

And So It Begins… BEA Recap Day One Bloggers’ Con


Last year, I went to the Book Expo of America (BEA) as a now extinct power reader. As it was my first time, this was an amazing, eye opening experience for me. I learned more about the industry I want to be a part of, got free books, and became a book blogger the next day because of a great woman I met (a fellow book blogger. You all know the romantic story by now).  After weeks and months of anticipation, I finally got to attend my first Blogger’s Convention, the day before the day–BEA.

The first person I met was Shelia from Book Journey. How apropos that I meet the woman responsible for making me a blogger first before anyone else. It was so nice to see her again. Especially under these new and exciting circumstances.  The first new blogger I met, through Shelia was Beth at Beth’s Book-Nook. It was nice to hit it off with a fellow blogger almost immediately. Hi Beth 🙂


The first event was the keynote with author Maureen Johnson who was very, very funny. If you haven’t read a novel by her, read Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes. It’s really good. There’s a great sequel, too. I couldn’t stop laughing at her speech. She was funny, genuine, and had some good, somewhat profound things to say. I really enjoyed it.

photo (14)

She even stripped for us!

The first breakout session was all about designing the perfect blog. Ashley at Nose Graze was one of the speakers. She did a fabulous job! I learned so much from her. I need to look back at my notes to get working on a new layout. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture for that one.

photo (16)

Here’s a picture from the 101 Best Blogging Tools session which was one of my favorite of the four sessions. The women were really funny and helpful. I took a lot of notes. And joined twitter!!!


The best part of the day, of course, was when we got to fill our BEAUTIFUL DK tote bag with books. BOOKS!!! There were three huge, long tables piled high with books. There were around twenty books offered and I took one of each. Hey! Free books! My prized possession though..


Look how pretty that cover is! So pretty. A magical sort of take on Sherlock Holmes. Count me in. I’m very excited to read this.

There were some really good ones that other people were excited about, but Jackaby was my highlight of the takeaway.

Afterwards, I spent the day with blogger Christina from You Book Me All Night Long as we strolled through Bryant Park and went to the NY Public Library. It was so lovely.

That was my day. How was your first day at BEA or Bloggers’ Con?

Stay tuned for my BEA Part One coming soon.

Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!


A Look into My Schedule at BEA


So, I wasn’t planning on doing this post, but then I decided why not? Let’s meet up. So here are some of the events and signings I will be going to during the conference.



11:30-12:30 A.S. King Signing for Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future

1:30-2:00 Kathleen Duble signing for for Madame Tussaud’s Apprentice

2:30-3:00 Boris Fishman signing for A Replacement Life

3:00 Galley Drop- The Queen of the Tearling

3:30 Bloomsbury secret YA giveaway



12:00- 12:30 M.J. Signing for The Collector of Dying Breaths

1:00-2:00 Meg Wolitzer Signing for Belzhar

1:30-2:00 Amy Zhang Signing for Falling into Place

1:00-2:00 Sandy Hall signing for A Little Something Different

2:00- 3:00 Jane Austen Signing for In Her Own Hands

3:00- 3:30  Lily King In Booth signing for Euphoria

3:00-4:00 Kat Yeh Signing for The Truth about Twinkie Pie

3:45-4:45 Scott Westerfeld Signing for Afterworlds



10:00 AM Macmillian YA panel

Galley Drops- Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer

Falling into Place by Amy Zhang

Egg and Spoon by Gregory Maguire

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld

I’ll Give You The Sun

Pennyroyal Academy

The Accidental Highway Man

11:30-12:30 10 Word Love Story Panel

3:30-4:30 John Green Panel


There you have it. Where will YOU be? Will I be seeing you somewhere? Only two days and I’m very, very excited!


Where’s Waldo? How to Find Me at BEA


Hi everyone!! It’s only ONE day until the Bloggers’ Convention. I am super excited. I decided to do a little piggy back, copy cat post from the good people at the blog Read. Sleep. Repeat. where you introduce yourself to make yourself easy to find.  I decided to do it close to the day so I am fresh in your mind. 🙂



Now, let’s start with a little bit about me. The book. I am currently writing a novel. So, when I took this picture at my local coffee shop, I grabbed this book as the perfect prop.

I am a little on the Petite side at 4’11. And I NEVER wear heels. I stand tall and proud with my ballet flats.

I am pretty approachable, if I don’t approach you first. I have a habit of starting conversations while in line. I have no problem talking to strangers. So, if you don’t talk to me first, or are shy, chances are I may talk to you first. I am just that friendly and out going.

Business cards will be readily available. ASK for one. They are cute and I have too many. I’d be more than happy to give you one, or twenty. Maybe not twenty, fifteen maybe. 🙂

I will be attending the Bookrageous Bash and the Bloggers Picnic. If you don’t know what they are, or want to find out more, just message me and I will fill you in. They sound exciting. I really want to go to many events after the conference each day. So, I am open to suggestions! I may stop at the Teen Carnival on Wednesday before the Bookrageous event, but I don’t know. They may be too far from each other.

I will be getting to BEA late on Thursday and Friday around 11:30 or 12, the latest, due to work. THen, I’m ready to mingle and get my books!

I am really excited! I hope you are, too! See some of you soon! Only TWO more days.

Happy reading!!

It’s Alive!! The 2014 BEA Mobile App


The 2014 BEA Mobile App is here! Finally! I’ve got good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first? Do I hear good news????

OK, good news it is. IF you can find your badge number (I couldn’t, but finally got it resent to me-woo) you can start planning your agenda with who you want to meet and what panels you want to go to. There are a bunch of things you can play around with. It’s quite exciting. But… now here comes the bad news, THE 2014 BOOKS ARE NOT LISTED YET!!! They are when click on a specific author; it tells you what book they are promoting, but you cannot add that book to anything. It’s so annoying. The book list is incognito on the site, but not active on the app yet. You would think if the app is live, all the features would be working. Nope, found that out today and I was NOT happy at all. Yes, I checked off books online, but not on the app. I’m trying to be organized here!

Hopefully soon this will all be fixed because in exactly THREE WEEKS BEA WILL BE HAPPENING!!! YAY!!! I have been waiting since I left the Javitz center last year. I am just so excited.

If you’ve explored the app, what feature do you like most? What feature do you like least? Please feel free to post and chat.


Happy reading!

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