Hello my dear fantastic readers. It’s been a long time since I have written a post anywhere. Since June to be exact, as I like to be. Books and I took a break for some time. Our relationship was very hot and cold. It would be months between the next book I would read. I am happy to report, we have renewed our commitment to each other. Spending more and more time together in the recent month to month and a half. We are still taking things a little slow, but we are getting back to normal more and more.

So far, I have read three or four books this year, with an added DNF that makes me sad.  I loved that author’s adult historical fiction/fiction mash up about witches. I will be reviewing all the books I’ve read since I’ve been gone. So, don’t you worry my dear readers. You’ll get a look into my library. I’ll give you hint * there’s lots of new, fun YA thrown in.* How exciting! I’m excited, are you?

Now, I know you are doing handstands in honor of my return. I certainly am. This year has become my “redo”, “revamp” year. So, without further ado….

My plan for Indie Reader Girl 2016

  • More reviews
  • A creative weekly post I am keeping a surprise
  • More “creative” discussion posts
  • Just MORE!!!!

I’m back and ready to be better than ever! I hope you’re with me!