I’ve been so behind on posting. I have been putting all my efforts on my papercrafting business. I apologize. So, better late then never. Here are some challenges I have decided to participate in.

My first one I am super excited for. I did a separate post for it here. It’s Roof Beam Reader’s 2015 TBR Pile Challenge where you read 12 books from 2013 and before. It sounds like a fun challenge.

On goodreads.com:

Time Waits for No One- 5 books

Read books about a certain a decade, century, era, etc…

Such as the Roman era, the Elizabethan era, the Victorian era, Big Band era, Disco era, Harlem Renaisance, Roaring Twenties,
Great Depression


On bookblogging.net

-via randomhouse

Reading Bingo. Click on the link, you’ll never view reading the same. This seems like a blast! I can’t wait to print this and hang it up on my wall!

Be a Better Blogger by Book Bumblings.


And that’s it for now. I’m going light this year. My reading goal for this year is the same–70 books.

I may add a challenge or two. We’ll see. Happy reading! Good luck with your challenges!