During the month of September, I mentioned I was going to attend various literary events. A little over a week ago, I had the enjoyment of participating in my first scavenger hunt with a friend of mine. I have always wanted to go on a scavenger hunt; this one was literary based so I couldn’t pass on this one. I was excited  because it was a.) free and b.) literary themed. How could I miss this? It seemed like everything I ever wanted. But, there was a hitch.  It was on a college campus I was unfamiliar with.

I didn’t realize it would be on a college campus, but it was kind of nice that we didn’t have to go far to find the clues. The clues were adorably hidden Christmas boxes. There were thirteen clues scattered about the campus. We were a little lost on campus, occasionally having trouble finding the clues.  We asked around a bunch, which actually added to the fun. Unfortunately somebody forgot to leave two clues that we needed to complete the puzzle, but we were able to find our way to the end.

We were winners!! Yup, we won! Not many people participated, unfortunately. We were the second to arrive, I believe. The prizes were lackluster, but the cookies and lemonade were good. Overall, we had a lot of fun. I would definitely do it again.

*hopefully pictures to come soon*