It seems I may have taken a longer hiatus than July; than I anticipated quite frankly. I disappeared on you, my dear readers. I apologize. I started to get more involved in my paper crafting business. Whew, start-ups are hard work! Thankfully, you guys have stuck with me. And, for that I thank you. In return, I promise to be more active. I have a few good, fun posts planned for you. A few literary events I am going to, some good books to be reviewed, and a new edition to Indiereadergirl0329– buddy reads with my dear friend Christine from Readerly Musings. We will be co-reviewing books from this past BEA together on both of our blogs, so be sure to check both of us out.

This will all start in the beginning weeks of September, so stay tuned. You don’t have much longer to wait, I promise.


I thought I’d add a nice pinterest find, a beautiful poem. I hope you enjoy both this and your weekend!!

Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!

Kundalini rising (A poem for your fire)