It’s Sunday. Time for the second edition of Something to Look Forward, a look at my schedule for the week. Now towards the end of the week I veered off schedule due to outside forces.

This week I will be playing a little catch up with the film review of The Fault in Our Stars and book review of The Girls at the Kingfisher Club by Genevieve Valentine.

The schedule

Monday: it’s Monday! What are you reading?

Tuesday: TFiOS review

Thursday: TBR Thursday

Friday: Book review The Girls at the Kingfisher Club by Genevieve Valentine

Saturday: Surprise discussion post

I should finally be finishing Great Expectations within the next couple of days to start on last week’s TBR Thursday choice. Yes I’m a bit behind.

On this week’s reading queue I have Second Star, Great Expectations, and Everything is Illuminated.

Big announcement time

For the month of July I will be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo for the first time. My goal is to write 25,000 words and complete part two of my novel in progress. As I will be writing a lot, and trying to reach my. Stretch goal of 30,000 my posts may be a little scattered. Please bare with me and wish me luck! I’m going to need it.

That’s all the news I have for now. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
Happy reading. Thanks for stopping by.