Guess what today is !?! It’s my one year anniversary!!! Exactly one year ago I decided I was going to start a book blog blindly. I didn’t know how to start, what to really write about, who would follow me, if anyone, or if I would keep at it. I’ll be honest, my friend Shelia over at Book Journey inspired me. I met her in the shipping department at The Book Expo of America (BEA) last year. I wanted to know what it was like to be at the conference for more than the one consumer day. I didn’t have the most pure intentions starting indiereadergirl0329. I just wanted to go to BEA for all of the days. That was my end goal. I thought, do it on and off for a year and that’s it. I didn’t plan on falling in love with blogging and with all of you. This has truly been a great experience.

I have read books I wouldn’t typical read. I have reviewed books in a way I didn’t do before. And, I met all of you! I have always been an avid reader. I don’t necessarily read everyday or 100+ books a year, but I read more than average. I can do book talk like no other. I didn’t realize they were sooooo many more people out there that could do that, too. I was just the crazy person. Now, now I’ve found my people! My people, I love you! Thank you for welcoming me into your world, our world now.

To thank all of you awesome people, I am hosting my first giveaway. Did you say giveaway, indie? YES I DID!!!!!! It’s a big one! I have four prize packs filled with goodies I have collected for all of you. A lot of the books are from BEA, some of them are from other events I have been to in the last month. I will be posting a picture of each prize pack during the week of celebration posts. My lips are sealed for now, but I’ll give you some hints :).

Prize pack #1- theme is contemporary fiction with a couple of signed! books

Prize pack #2- theme is Young adult fiction

Prize pack #3 is crime/mystery/thriller fiction with signed! books

Prize pack # 4 is non-fiction with a signed! book

Please check back everyday to enter. I wouldn’t want you to miss out! There are some great books that can be headed your way. With awesome swag and even an awesome(r) gift made by me.

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