Hi everyone!! It’s only ONE day until the Bloggers’ Convention. I am super excited. I decided to do a little piggy back, copy cat post from the good people at the blog Read. Sleep. Repeat. where you introduce yourself to make yourself easy to find. Β I decided to do it close to the day so I am fresh in your mind. πŸ™‚



Now, let’s start with a little bit about me. The book. I am currently writing a novel. So, when I took this picture at my local coffee shop, I grabbed this book as the perfect prop.

I am a little on the Petite side at 4’11. And I NEVER wear heels. I stand tall and proud with my ballet flats.

I am pretty approachable, if I don’t approach you first. I have a habit of starting conversations while in line. I have no problem talking to strangers. So, if you don’t talk to me first, or are shy, chances are I may talk to you first. I am just that friendly and out going.

Business cards will be readily available. ASK for one. They are cute and I have too many. I’d be more than happy to give you one, or twenty. Maybe not twenty, fifteen maybe. πŸ™‚

I will be attending the Bookrageous Bash and the Bloggers Picnic. If you don’t know what they are, or want to find out more, just message me and I will fill you in. They sound exciting. I really want to go to many events after the conference each day. So, I am open to suggestions! I may stop at the Teen Carnival on Wednesday before the Bookrageous event, but I don’t know. They may be too far from each other.

I will be getting to BEA late on Thursday and Friday around 11:30 or 12, the latest, due to work. THen, I’m ready to mingle and get my books!

I am really excited! I hope you are, too! See some of you soon! Only TWO more days.

Happy reading!!