Bout of Books

I have been a bit behind with my updates; and my reading, in truth. Finally, though, I found time to read 240 pages of The Devil in the Corner, thus finally finishing. A full review will be posted with the next couple of days. I enjoyed it. It was an engrossing read. I liked how Maud, the protagonist’s, addiction to Laudanum was portrayed, although I think there could have been more with “The Devil in the Corner” plot. The book focused a lot on a love arc, and on her needy cousin by marriage instead of entirely on her addiction that I expected it to. But, I was still satisfied.

Tomorrow, I will try to start, and possibly finish Looking for Alaska by John Green for my book club on Thursday. That book has been on my TBR list for four years, five years now? I was very happy to finally have a push/reason to further my John Green education.

If you are participating, how goes it for you? Have you reached your goals yet?

Good luck and happy reading!