It’s Day 3, or my Day 1 and it has come to a close. Today I was able to read 120 pages. Not too bad. I did do a decent amount of BEA planning in between and took a nap. I am read The Devil in the Corner by Patricia Elliott still. It is really good. The chapters are short, which is nice. The book is a little over 400 pages long. The action is just starting to happen; very interesting developments. Although, my one MINOR complaint is “I love you” was said too soon on one character’s part too soon, I feel. I am hoping to finish it by Friday. I will be busy for most of tomorrow, so won’t have enough time to devout to it. I was hoping to read more today, but it froze on my. Sometimes ARCs do that. Oh well.

I do think I will only be able to finish two books, but hopefully make progress on three in total. I will keep all you lovelies posted, of course.

Happy reading!

P.S. If you are participating, check out today’s challenge. It’s a good one. I’m just too tired to participate. Maybe tomorrow.