The 2014 BEA Mobile App is here! Finally! I’ve got good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first? Do I hear good news????

OK, good news it is. IF you can find your badge number (I couldn’t, but finally got it resent to me-woo) you can start planning your agenda with who you want to meet and what panels you want to go to. There are a bunch of things you can play around with. It’s quite exciting. But… now here comes the bad news, THE 2014 BOOKS ARE NOT LISTED YET!!! They are when click on a specific author; it tells you what book they are promoting, but you cannot add that book to anything. It’s so annoying. The book list is incognito on the site, but not active on the app yet. You would think if the app is live, all the features would be working. Nope, found that out today and I was NOT happy at all. Yes, I checked off books online, but not on the app. I’m trying to be organized here!

Hopefully soon this will all be fixed because in exactly THREE WEEKS BEA WILL BE HAPPENING!!! YAY!!! I have been waiting since I left the Javitz center last year. I am just so excited.

If you’ve explored the app, what feature do you like most? What feature do you like least? Please feel free to post and chat.


Happy reading!