Undertaking Love

By Kat French

Released April, 2013 by Authonomy, HarperCollins

Length: 280 Pages

Genre: Chick Lit

Rating: Four and a half stars

Acquired: via netgalley

What can go wrong when a funeral parlor opens up next to a wedding chapel? 

Undertaking Love is Kat French’s debut novel. Known as Kitty French in the erotica genre, French tries her hand at something new and succeeds brilliantly.

American Marla Jacobs moved to England ten years prior. Never a believer of love or marriage, she has owned her own Las Vegas style Wedding Chapel for the past few years. When the building next to her opens up, and her new neighbors move in, it isn’t the cupcake shop she thought was coming. Instead it is a funeral parlor ran by the new man in town Gabriel Ryan; his business threatening Marla’s and all she has built for herself in the quiet town. Too bad Gabriel Ryan is good-looking and everything Marla has wanted. Even with her protests, petitions, and newspaper boyfriend, Marla has to fight for her business and protect her heart. But, can she?

Gabriel Ryan didn’t know there was a Wedding Chapel next door. He just wanted to open up  funeral parlor in a town that didn’t have one. Was that too much to ask? Then, he meets Marla Jacobs. While she is after his head, he tries to protect himself from the woman he can’t stop thinking about. Can a funeral parlor and a wedding chapel really coexist? Will Gabriel and Marla get their act together?

This was a great read. I am not a big fan of women’s literature. I do read it from time to time, but don’t often find myself gravitating towards it. The title was too witty to pass up. Undertaking Love? Made me smile. Then, I read page one, then page fifty, and just couldn’t stop myself. I immediately got caught up in the story. Everything Gabriel Ryan did made me smile and swoon a little more. Marla Jacobs was a smart, strong, and level-minded woman. She was one of those characters I would want to be friends with. And slap her each time she made a mean comment to sexy Gabriel she didn’t mean.  And, Gabriel. My did I ever swoon? He did so many sweet things for her. Swoon worthy. And, melt did I ever? Read it and see all the things he did. Fireworks, the perfect birthday present, and so forth. If I could find a man like him.

French also wrote perhaps the best metaphor for love. Every day this woman wore a lighthouse broach wherever she went; it was a gift from her husband. Why a lighthouse? Why? Because she was her husband’s lighthouse on top of his rocks. How sweet is that? That metaphor continues through the end of the book; it was just so awe-inspiring to think of. And how it connects in the end is great. I didn’t have tears, but I was close. It was just too sweet. And, a quote I will always remember.

If you are looking for a sweet, light read, this is for you. I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did. Even after a week or so, I am still thinking about the book and the lighthouse. I hope you pick it up. I might just read it again and buy myself a copy. It would make a great Valentine’s Day reread.

Happy reading!