In case you have missed my earlier posts about this challenge I have set a few goals.

Goal One- Read 5-6 books: read two to three netgalley books on my shelf (I have 15, oh my!) my late library book The Ambassador’s Daughter, The Bookmaker’s Tale, and a surprise.

Goal Two- Write a review for each and post on same day as read.

Goal Three-Participant in at least half of the challenges and visit most of the participants.

Goal Four- Read 2100 pages, whew.

It’s day three and I may be ahead. I just finished reading Sideshow of Merit by Nicole Pietsch. You can find my review here. Well, let me be honest. I tried finishing it. But, sadly, we had to part. It was taking me too long to get through it. I also finished Reaping Me Softly by Kate Evangelista. Review is in progress.  I shall post it by tomorrow.

I have read around 350 pages so far.

If you are participating, today’s challenge is sponsored by Joana at Joana in the Sky with Books. There is a great giveaway, too!

Happy reading everyone!