Earlier in the week I wrote a review on Cassandra Clare’s novel The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, the first book in the series. The main reason I decided to read the book was because the movie trailer looked really good. I was genuinely excited to see the film after only giving the book three stars. Now, I understand screenwriters have the daunting task of adapting movies because the script can’t cover every detail. But man did I leave the theater seething. A few major elements were missing, the beginning was totally changed and out of order, and I already had slight problems with the casting.

Now, if I did not read the book, I may have left more content. But, the bookworm that I am wanted to be well informed going in. Now, it may not be of uptmost importance, but whoever wrote the script clearly felt Clare’s beginning was below par. The book did not open with a poetry reading. That happens after the night club killing. Also, Clary does not repeatedly, creepily draw the shadow hunter sign everywhere. It is minor, but set me off already.

But, this next thing that happened made me annoyed. In the book, Simon turned into a mouse, not kidnapped and tortured by Vampires to get Clary. And, Magnus Bane gave Clary her first rune to enable her to see everything. The latter is what I really was bad at. That is a huge thing in the book. What Magnus did for her was important. But, they showed nothing of that. Barely anything of the conversation Clary had.

And, then there is the back story of Valentine and his circle that was totally ignored. How it got taken out, I have no idea. Another important element to me. I am not a hardcore fan of the book by any means. I liked it, but didn’t love it. But, this movie, it just butchered the book. Maybe I would have liked it more. I had higher hopes. Not every adaption of a fantasy book can be as good as the Harry Potter books to film.

I wouldn’t really recommend this movie if you have read the movie. I am trying not to sound overtly angry over the film; subduing my true feelings. Maybe see it if you haven’t read the books. The person I went with truly enjoyed the film. I just couldn’t stop being annoyed with the things that took place. The acting wasn’t terrible, though.